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Stephen's Auto & Truck Repairs - Towing & Road Service
Road Service and Towing from Stephen's Auto Repair in BurlingtonStephen's Auto Repair is family owned and operated providing accurate diagnostics, quality repairs and honest advice for all your transportation needs. You'll get personal service from the owner who has the experience, knowledge and great reputation who takes pride that his Stephen's name is on the building. All work is guaranteed and performed by ASE certified technicians. Stephen's Auto Repair is conveniently located across from the Burlington High School on Route 3A.
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5 Bedroom Rental - $6,900

About Winchester
Winchester Massachusetts is a thriving residential community that is noted for its fine public school system along with its beautiful homes and easy access to Boston.

The late 1800's saw the development of Winchester as an affluent suburban community. Wealthy businessmen moved out of Boston to "the country"ť and built large and opulent homes. The town's character is still reflected in these beautiful houses built just before and after the turn of the century.

The village atmosphere remains and is fueled by the unusual civic spirit of Winchester's residents. The citizens of the town take an intensive interest in the management of its affairs and in its continued improvement and beautification.

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Rebecca Clark - Secret Art Histories
When: Jun 16, 2016 12 AM to Jul 10, 2016 12 AMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Thu, 16 Jun 2016 00 )
Cassandra Klos - The Abductees
When: Jul 14, 2016 12 AM to Aug 28, 2016 12 AMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Thu, 14 Jul 2016 00 )
PhotoSynthesis XI:A Collaboration of the Boston Arts Academy and Winchester High School // 22nd Juried Show: Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition, Juror - Elizabeth Avedon
When: Jun 16, 2016 12 AM to Jul 10, 2016 12 AMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Thu, 16 Jun 2016 00 )
Molly Lamb - Ghost Stepping
When: Jun 16, 2016 12 AM to Jul 10, 2016 12 AMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Thu, 16 Jun 2016 00 )
Eliot Dudik - Still Lives
When: Jul 14, 2016 12 AM to Aug 28, 2016 12 AMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Thu, 14 Jul 2016 00 )
Karin Rosenthal: Journeying Within the Human Landscape // 37 Photographers, One Model
When: May 5, 2016 12 AM to Jun 12, 2016 12 AMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Thu, 05 May 2016 00 )
The Art & Craft of Wildlife Photography
Have you always wanted to know the secrets of professional wildlife photographers? How do they perfectly capture the colors on a hummingbird’s wing? What are the correct settings for a jaguar roaming in the late afternoon light? Finally, what are some ways that your wildlife photographs can help promote conserving the world’s precious wildlife? Enjoy a relaxing evening with Argentinian Wine & Hot empanadas and meet renowned Argentinian nature photographer and documentary filmmaker Ossian Lindholm. He will cover the basic and advanced techniques of gear, specific wildlife settings and scouting wildlife locations. He will teach you how to think about composition and lighting when capturing animals in the wild. Drawing lessons from his 40 years of observing and photographing in Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Chile, Ossian will discuss the complex process behind his breathtaking wildlife photographs. You’ll learn: what it takes to be a great wildlife photographer, how to get to know your subject, how to capture wildlife in their natural environment, the best places to find animals and the importance of respecting wildlife and wildlife ethics. You’ll also learn about the photo conservation projects in Ibera (Argentina), Pantanal (Brazil) and Torres Del Paine (Chile) that Ossian is involved with. Ossian’s lifelong mission, Para Conservar, Primero hay que conocer (To conserve, first you must know), has been a driving force in his work and in his talk he will discuss the role of learning about animals and nature through photography, the role of Conservation Photography in protecting our planet and how your photographs can raise awareness and be an agent for positive change in our fragile world.

When: Jun 20, 2016 7 PM in Winchester, Massachusetts (Mon, 20 Jun 2016 19 )
Hope Christian Church Offers Summer Sports & Arts Camp with the Theme STRONG OF HEART
Hope Christian Church is again offering children an exciting week of sports, arts and life changing Bible truths. The camp theme STRONG OF HEART explores how following Jesus can make a person truly strong! Five fun filled afternoons are packed with learning sports, arts, Bible truths, singing and making friends! Campers receive a camp shirt, daily snacks and a booklet that reviews what is taught each day. There are seven tracks to choose from (RUNNING and ARTS SAMPLER are new this year). Be sure to note the age requirements for each track when registering. All staff are trained and have passed CORI and SORI background checks. They are committed to serving the campers with dedication and Christ's love. Contact Emanuel Oglice if you have any questions at Scholarship aid is available if needed. What: STRONG OF HEART Sports and Arts Camp Who: Children ages 4-12 (review tracks below for age requirements) When: July 25-29, 2016 from 4:00pm to 7:15pm Where: Ambrose Elementary School, 27 High Street, Winchester, MA Cost: Until June 30* $70/Camper $50/each additional sibling After June 30* $80/Camper $60/each additional sibling *postmarked by these dates Tracks Offered: Sports Sampler - ages 4-5 (skill and movement activities), Arts Sampler - ages 4-5 (art, dance & music), Art - ages 6-12, Dance - ages 6-12, Soccer - ages 6-12, Basketball - ages 8-12, Running - ages 6-12 Strong of Heart - Psalm 31:23&24

When: Jul 25, 2016 4 PM to Jul 25, 2016 7 PMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Mon, 25 Jul 2016 16 )
Office Hours: MANSFIELD LAW ~Protect Your Passion~ Legal Services To Launch Your Startup & Build Your Business
Have legal, tax, and intellectual property questions about launching your startup and building your business? Want to know how to protect your intellectual property rights while innovating and creating your work product, while forming your company and its team, while building your business to launch and scale, and then getting ready to pass due diligence from investors? Have questions about monthly bookkeeping and taxes so you're prepared for tax season and due diligence from investors and strategic partners? Sign up for your complimentary consultation to learn next steps. email: or call 781-369-2020 or 857-333-1876                                           MANSFIELD LAW ~Protect Your Passion~                                                          @protectpassions P.S. remember to #protectyourpassion

When: Jun 3, 2016 3 PM in Winchester, Massachusetts (Fri, 03 Jun 2016 15 )
"Real" Wines from Mise
“Real” Wines from MISE Wed June 1, 2016, taste 5:00-7:00 pm MISE focuses on “Real Wine”: “hand-picked selections from producers who craft wines with properly grown grapes using traditional methods and eschewing manipulation. Every case of wine is curated, shipped via te[...]

781 721 9463

When: Jun 1, 2016 5 PM in Winchester, Massachusetts
Cost: Free (Wed, 01 Jun 2016 17 )
Scott Card at the Winchester Farmers Market
Join Scott Card on July 30th for an acoustic performance at the Winchester Farmers Market. 9am To learn more, visit and follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter. To book Scott Card for a show, event, or function, email Hailey at

When: Jul 30, 2016 9 AM in Winchester, Massachusetts (Sat, 30 Jul 2016 09 )
Aline Smithson: Self & Others
When: Apr 7, 2017 12 AM to May 1, 2017 12 AMin Winchester, Massachusetts (Fri, 07 Apr 2017 00 )

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